Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kat'cina Mosa 100k and Millcreek 50k update

Here's a quick wrap of Friday-Saturday activities, hopefully with full reports to follow.

Starting at 9pm Friday night Peter, Greg and myself joined another 30 or so runners for the 7th annual Millcreek 50k. The pace was pretty quick from the start with a few lead changes through Bowman Fork before I was out in front, although with a tenuous lead. By the time I made it to Desolation Lake I noticed a headlamp getting closer and I was pleased to see it was Greg. We ran from the crest all the way down the Great Western trail together and finished about 15 minutes ahead of Shane Martin's course record from 2 years ago. Our finishing time was 6:43 and following us, rather closely David Hayes, Drew Erickson (winner of Grandeur Fun Run), Mick Jurynec, and Peter Lindgren to round out the top 5 and all go under the previous course record. Full results to follow soon. Thanks to Ken Jensen for putting this great event together.

Just before we finished our night run another group of runners were beginning theirs down in Utah County at the Kat'cina Mosa 100k. All of the information I have came from Erik in a short conversation I had with him afterwards. Apparently Erik and Jay Aldous ran the entire race together and broke Kevin Shilling's long standing course record by a good margin (15 or 20 mins). Other details he shared with me was the heat factor and that Dave Hunt set a PR (watch out in September) while I think coming in 3rd.

Congratulations all around to a great weekend of running in the mountains.

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