Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sapper Joe 50k Race Report

I signed up for this race in hopes of getting in a final tune-up run before Squaw Peak. What I ended up getting was a solid beat down from the dehydration gods...

The 50k consisted of a big loop around Camp Williams (a National Guard training facility located in the southwest corner of Salt Lake county) mostly on dirt and gravel roads either gaining or losing vertical all the time. Along with the 50k there was also 30k option available on a shorter loop. From the moment I arrived at Camp Williams I could tell there was a whole different level of organization going on with military precision.

I lined up on the start line next to Karl Jarvis and while we were waiting for the cannon launch to send us off we were told there would be a $50 dollar bill at the top of one of the climbs. A couple of the 30k racers took off in search of the money while Karl and I trailed slightly behind. We quickly caught up to the two guys in front of us on the first steep descent and continued on to the first aid station. I was a little behind on water heading in to the first aid station but I wasn't too worried about it yet. But soon the cool morning gave way to the rising sun and the heat was on. I realized about 20 minutes out from the 2nd aid station that I was already behind on liquids. I quietly started beating myself up for leaving my second bottle in the car, trying not to let Karl see that I was running low.

This trend continued for the rest of the race until mile 23, where Karl ran up a slight incline and i did not. I was pretty frustrated since my legs felt great but that doesn't matter when you're low on liquids. I was able to back-off the pace and hold on for 2nd place in 4:51, while Karl cruised in for the win in 4:41.
Fantastic organization and friendly folks made for a great run in an area that few of us outside the military ever get to see. Thanks to Wasatch Running Center, Darrell Phippen, and Milada Copeland for putting on a great race!

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Brian Beckstead said...

Sounds like me at Logan Peak last year. Great job though. You should do well at Squaw Peak this year. See you in a couple of weeks.