Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Moab Red Hot

I am planning on running the Moab 50K this weekend.  The original plan was to spend a sunny weekend with the family away from the rain and snow.  However, the weatherman doesn't like that idea and is calling for rain and snow on Saturday and Sunday.  As much as my  family loves spending time together,  a weekend cooped up in the Comfort Inn didn't sound too appealing.  
I am still planning on running the race, and I'd  like to carpool  down on Friday and come back Saturday.  If the one person who reads this has any similar plans, let me know and we can make some arrangements.  My hotel is pre-booked and non-refundable so I've already got that worked out.  
Happy trails-


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Jeff Gerke said...

I'm in the same boat. My family may not go now either. We are going to wait till tomorrow evening and see what the forecast looks like. If they don't go I might be interested in car pooling. Peter has my email.