Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bear 100 by the Numbers

I finally got around to posting a race report over here...I thought for this entry I would share some interesting numbers from the Bear.

Here is a link to my own spreadsheet with results and splits.

100 miles
22,518' of climbing - 21,576' of descending

76 Starters
54 Finishers
71% Finishing Rate (interestingly enough this ranks as one of the highest for 100's around the country)

22 mins - Shortest combined aid station time, Leland Barker
3:56 - Fastest split from the start to mile 22.5, Ty Draney
5:56 - Fastest splits(s) from mile 22.5 to mile 52, Ty Draney, Nate Mcdowell, and Leland Barker
5:03 - Fastest split from mile 52 to mile 75, Ty Draney
4:56 - Fastest split from mile 75 to the finish, Erik Storheim

1:13 - Fastest split from Ranger (final aid) to finish, Erik Storheim

1:18 - Greatest comeback - Carter Williams, based on aid station time vs. final split (2nd fastest in the race from last aid station to finish).
5:00 - Slowest start (up to mile 22.5) to still make the top 10, Chris Quandt (27:05)
4:26 - Slowest start to break 24 hours, Leland Barker

9 mins - average duration of aid station stop
18 mins - Highest average aid station stop, Beaver Lodge aid mile 75
7 - The highest number of drops at an aid station, Logan River aid mile 70
7.1 - The average distance between the 13 aid stations
10 - The number of glowsticks used to mark the course...

Having run the Bear last year on the previous course, I think this new course is harder, and a lot more fun. Thanks Leland!


Erik said...

2 comments on the numbers:
1) Are you sure that you work? It blows me away that you can get all these graphs,numbers, etc, together. Oh wait, it's a government job.
2)10 glowsticks is being a bit generous.....
Nice post, I love it.

mrcandgladtobe said...

Dude, get a job!! Love it!! See you soon. -RIch